'6/30/2022 4:43:20 PM'

Pemvidutide Promising for Fatty Liver Disease

Weight loss and multiple improvements in lipid parameters linked to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease were seen in a phase 1 trial. Medscape Medical News

'6/30/2022 4:01:36 PM'

Early Post-Stroke Gene Expression May Predict Stroke Outcomes

Genes and associated networks regulating immune response may modulate 90-day ischemic stroke outcomes and be used to predict outcomes. First Look

'6/30/2022 2:47:51 PM'

In Two Analyses, MAESTRO-NAFLD-1 Trial Shows Safety of Resmetirom

In main results from the phase 3 trial, as well as those from an open-label extension, the investigational drug also proved its ability to positively influence several noninvasive efficacy outcomes. Medscape Medical News

'6/30/2022 1:54:53 PM'

Biden Calls for Filibuster 'Exception' for Abortion Rights

President Joe Biden has doubled down on his insistence that the protections provided by Roe v. Wade should be federal law. WebMD Health News

'6/30/2022 1:31:29 PM'

Heart Attack Care Not Equal for Women and People of Color

Over time, even with improvements across the board in care, women and people of color wait longer for treatment of heart attack than their White male counterparts. Medscape Medical News

'6/30/2022 12:48:04 PM'

Industry-Sponsored Cost-Effectiveness Studies Often Biased

Studies with independent funding could provide payers with more ability to negotiate lower prices, particularly among countries that rely on these analyses for policymaking. Medscape Medical News

'6/30/2022 12:46:11 PM'

High Court Rejects COVID-19 Shot Mandate Case From New York

The court's action follows a decision in December in which the justices declined an emergency request to halt the requirement that does not offer an exemption for religious beliefs. Associated Press

'6/30/2022 12:28:32 PM'

Pfizer Plans a Vaccine to Target All Coronaviruses

"I applaud the sentiment that is long overdue," said Eric Topol, MD. "It is crucial that we get ahead of the virus, and the best way is to develop pan-betacoronavirus vaccines that are variant-proof." WebMD Health News

'6/30/2022 12:27:19 PM'

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Therapy Removed From Market (Again)

Zelnorm, a short-term IBS-C treatment, has been removed from the market. The drug manufacturer cited 'business concerns.' News Alerts

'6/30/2022 12:22:35 PM'

Headed Back to the Water? Keep Swim Safety in Mind

Six-year-old Grant Brown was not a strong swimmer. His mother told counselors that when she dropped him off on his first day at a North Carolina day camp. WebMD Health News

'6/30/2022 12:07:27 PM'

Abortion Opponents Don't Want Patients Crossing State Lines

"Just because you jump across a state line doesn't mean your home state doesn't have jurisdiction." WebMD Health News

'6/30/2022 12:05:35 PM'

High Rate of Undiagnosed Major Risk Factors in Ischemic Stroke

Almost two thirds of patients with acute ischemic stroke have at least one undiagnosed major risk factor, new research shows. Medscape Medical News

'6/30/2022 11:55:20 AM'

Fauci Says He Had Paxlovid Rebound, Worse Symptoms

The symptoms that he had after he completed the treatment were more severe than those he had at first from the coronavirus. WebMD Health News

'6/30/2022 11:49:59 AM'

Fireworks-Related Injuries Up 25% Over Last 15 Years: CPSC

The commission said in the report released on Wednesday that fireworks-related injuries have seen a 'significant upward trend' over the past 15 years, increasing by 25% since 2006. WebMD Health News

'6/30/2022 11:45:44 AM'

Genetic 'Taste Score' Could Help Us Eat Well, Reduce Disease Risk

Tufts University researchers say new findings could advance personalized nutrition, improving diet and reducing the risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. WebMD Health News

'6/30/2022 11:32:59 AM'

Is What You Call Probable…Impossible?

When physicians estimated the likelihood of outcomes in a clinical scenario, 78% committed a common logical fallacy. Medscape Medical News

'6/30/2022 11:02:29 AM'

Diabetes Risk Calculator Spurs Prediabetes Action

People with prediabetes and assessed by their clinician with a Diabetes Risk Calculator were more likely to receive interventions, and less likely to develop diabetes during 1- and 3-year follow-up. First Look

'6/30/2022 11:02:09 AM'

Cannabis Use Causes Spike in ED Visits

Data from a population-based study show an increase in all-cause emergency visits among cannabis users compared to nonusers. Medscape Medical News

'6/30/2022 10:59:46 AM'

Vasectomy Requests Increase After Roe Ruling

"It was very, very noticeable Friday, and then the number that came in over the weekend was huge, and the number that is still coming in far exceeds what we have experienced in the past." WebMD Health News

'6/30/2022 10:46:16 AM'

FDA Warns of Increased Risk of Death With CLL, Lymphoma Drug

The FDA also noted a serious risk of side effects with duvelisib. The agency's warning letter closely follows the withdrawal of another PI3 kinase inhibitor. News Alerts